Washing and Maintenance

Wash and maintain

Hand wash your bra.

Being washed in a washing machine takes an incredible amount of wear and tear on your bra. Too high a temperature can melt the fabric and the end pieces of the hangers. This causes the underwire in the bra to become pointed, and thus can work its way through the fabric.

In addition, it also wears out the bra and the underwire, being washed in between your normal clothes, as lace, hook-and-eye and inner fabric can tear up and the end of the underwire wears off.

We can only recommend that you wash your bra by hand in medium-temperature water, so that you can protect the delicate textiles.

Panties are recommended to be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees.

When you wash your panties, it is important that you find the right temperature. PLAISIR's knickers have a high content of lycra, which means they are elastic and fit well to the body. Lycra is a fantastic material, but lycra is destroyed by too hot temperatures.

It is therefore important that you do not wash your PLAISIR knickers too hot.

By washing your panties at 40 degrees, the lycra will not be damaged, while dirt is effectively washed away.

Do not tumble dry

In relation to tumble drying your bra, this can only be strongly advised against. The high temperatures in the dryer can cause the ends of the hanger to melt, resulting in a pointed hanger that will eventually work its way out of the fabric.

In addition, being tumbled between your normal clothes also wears out the delicate textiles. Lace, inner fabric or hook-and-loop fastener may risk tearing apart.

Instead, dry your bra on a drying rack, this way you protect both textiles and plastic parts.

Ironing is not recommended.

If you want to iron your bra or panties, it is important that this is done at the lowest possible temperature.

At too high a temperature, the lycra wears out unnecessarily, and this will eventually cause the lingerie to lose its elasticity. In addition, the end pieces of the underwires in the bra can melt if these are exposed to too high a temperature. This will leave a pointed, unprotected metal end which will slowly work its way through the fabric, destroying the bra.

Our recommendation is therefore that you completely avoid or be very careful when ironing your PLAISIR lingerie, and use the lowest possible heat setting

Tips for putting on your bra.

Avoid damaged bra belt or broken underwire due to improper treatment of your bra.

It generally takes an incredible amount of wear and tear on bras to be fastened at the front, and then pulled around. This is especially true if the bra is very tight. We are aware that this is often necessary, and therefore there is also extra reinforcement in PLAISIR's bras. However, we would like to draw attention to the fact that this type of treatment of the bra may in the long term result in the stitching coming open or the lace flanging. We therefore recommend that you are aware of this when you put on your bra, and if you fasten it in the front and then pull the bra around, this should be done with care.


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