Responsible production

Ulsø Design has social as well as environmental responsibility high on the agenda in all parts of our value chain.

The production of PLAISIR took place until 1990 in the basement of the house on Linde Allé in Ikast, where Ulsø Design has its headquarters today.

Today, production has moved to foreign suppliers. Despite the fact that we no longer have a personal relationship with our seamstresses, it is still a high priority at Ulsø Design to ensure that the seamstresses who produce PLAISIR lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear work under good conditions. At the same time as we reduce the environmental footprint of the process as much as possible.

There is an enormous global focus on the conditions under which clothes are produced. It is positive and creates awareness, from which we constantly seek to increase and improve our social and environmental responsibility.

The production of PLAISIR's products therefore takes place within the EU's borders - and thus under the EU's guidelines. This means that we produce without the use of dangerous chemicals, that our employees are paid according to EU standards. Furthermore, with a PLAISIR product, you can be sure that the seamstresses have working hours that give them space for leisure and family life, and, most importantly, that no children work.

The fact that production takes place relatively close to our Danish warehouse also means that the environmental footprint left by our shipping process is significantly smaller than that of companies with suppliers in the Far East. Furthermore, all transport of PLAISIR underwear takes place only in trucks and not via extremely polluting planes or container ships.

PLAISIR's business model is also based on small-batch orders. Where our suppliers collect many small productions of our various models and send them together to our address in Ikast. This means that we do not produce more than necessary. Both for the sake of our customers and, not least, for the sake of the environment.

In addition to production taking place within the EU and thus being subject to EU standards, Ulsø Design is also a member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

This means, among other points, that PLAISIR lingerie is produced by suppliers who meet the requirements of the BSCI code of conduct. If a supplier does not comply with the BSCI requirements, we as a company are required to react.

Below are a few examples of the requirements that are set through our BSCI contract:


  1. That the goods are original and of the highest quality and comply with certain quality standards
  2. At the time of delivery to us, as well as at the time of our sale to the store, the goods are completely and in all respects legal in Denmark.
  3. That all forms of packaging (incl. pallets and similar load units used for the transport and support of goods) can be legally imported to and distributed in Denmark.
  4. That all packaged products are delivered in PVC-free packaging.