Lingerie washing instructions

Lingerie is delicate when it comes to washing and drying.

We have therefore put together a number of tips on how to extend the durability of your lingerie by handling it correctly when washing and drying.

As a starting point, you must always follow the washing instructions when dealing with lingerie or your regular clothes. PLAISIR bras must not be machine washed. Regardless of heat setting, wash bag or spin settings.

If your PLAISIR bra has been washed in a washing machine, your right to complain expires, as this is incorrect handling of the product.

Washing bras by hand is the most gentle way for both the elastic, the underwire and the lace.

When washing by hand, move the clothes around in lukewarm water. You don't need to use heavy-handed methods, such as nudging or twisting. Simply work the bra around in soapy water with a temperature of around 30 degrees.

Do not soak your bra. This has a negative effect on both the elastic and the braces, where the protection at the end can loosen and slide off.

Furthermore, for several reasons, it is not recommended to use fabric softener when washing your lingerie. Fabric softener blocks the lingerie's breathability and the elastic layer's elasticity risks being reduced.

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